Establishing a Brand Through Football

Establishing a Brand Through Football

When you think of football, particular clubs and players will stand out for you. But why these particular names?

Paul Pogba recently hit headlines as he revealed a striking new haircut, which featured his logo. The Manchester United player who signed in August for a record-breaking transfer fee of £89million also became the first Premier League player to have his very own limited edition Twitter emoji.

Continuing to establish himself as a brand, Twitter users were encouraged to use the hashtag #Pogba on LED advertising boards during the Manchester United vs Liverpool fixture. The hashtag received an enormous 22,798,145 impressions at the time of writing, with this number continuing to rise.

Football advertising offers a unique selling point in that footage, tweets and images are shared and reshared with no set end point to their influence on the public, and businesses alike.

Fellow footballers Messi, Ronaldo and Beckham have created enormously successful brands over the years. Globally, 83.9% of people know of Ronaldo, and this figure rises above 95% in countries including Italy, Spain and Germany. The Portuguese star is also seen as the greatest influence in the industry, with 82.5% of people saying he reflects today’s trends in society.

Similarly, brand Beckham is estimated to be worth more than half a billion pounds and has been used to advertise everything from designer clothes, to satellite television and whisky.

But what can football do for a brand?

Football advertising is the ultimate tool to help establish a brand. What better way to become an everyday part of life and gain global exposure and recognition, than to become a part of the game itself?

Demonstrated by some of the most loved brands in the world, anything is possible when it comes to the enormous exposure which football can offer.

By appearing on advertising boards in some of the most watched games in the world, the audience forms an emotional connection to a brand; something which many fail to achieve. This brand can have an immediate impact on the viewers, without imposing on the match itself.

Much like the Pogba hashtag, a brand’s message will continue to be shared after the game, with unparalleled levels of engagement, making an impact which has no limits.