Tapping Into The Values Of Football

Connecting With Audiences Through Football Advertising

Many marketers strive to make positive connections with their consumers but remain content with various traditional strategies. Brands find it hard to get their message to resonate with consumers, which can be down to a number of different reasons.

This is just one reason advertising in sport is brilliant. Every sports fan shares memories of when the captain inspires his team to hold on in the dying seconds, or when the fans’ favourite scores a wonder goal to seal the match. These moments never leave us and are forever in our memory.

Football advertising can tap into the unrivalled loyalty and support the fans have for their club, while connecting with the love and passion they have for the game. It’s about putting your brand in the heart of the game. Through this, you are able to change the customer’s attitude towards your brand as the positive emotion of the event can become intertwined with the company.

A highly involved fan is more responsive to sports advertising than traditional advertising. The emotion related to sport can trigger responses from the consumers and influence their buying behaviour.

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