What is emotional marketing and how can you incorporate it into your advertising?

Many brands continuously raise expectations around efficiency, accessibility and convenience, but fail to create long term loyalty from customers. Emotional marketing enables them to form engaging, meaningful connections that humanize the brand and establish deeper relationships that set the business apart in such an over-saturated market.

Advertising in this way resonates with customers, leaving lasting impressions that serves brands well in the long run. Studies show that people invest money in businesses that have an emotional relevance to them, and heavily favor brands that are able to successfully demonstrate their humanity. It was found that 57% of consumers would be more loyal to a human brand.

Advertising within sport is an excellent example of how brands can create an emotional connection with their customers. By aligning themselves within sports that their target market is passionate about, it allows the brand to form positive associations between the sport and their product.

It was found that while watching football adverts, men are on average twice as likely to feel intense feelings of exhilaration and laughter and 67% more likely to feel a sense of pride. This highlights how well sport can help to form emotional connections with its audience and in turn trust and loyalty to the brands advertising.

There have been some excellent examples over the years where brands have created emotional campaigns surrounding sport. From Nike’s viral advert featuring Colin Kaepernick, to P&G’s ‘Thank you mum’ campaign for the Winter Olympics, it is clear to see the natural fit between emotive campaigns and sport.

The key to creating a successful emotive campaign requires brands to gain an insight into the thoughts and feelings of their target market, and in turn design a campaign that will hit home with this audience.

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