How to utilize perimeter advertising for your brand

Perimeter advertising captures the audience’s attention, putting brands in sporting moments which make history. This creates a positive relationship between viewers and the companies advertised, and in turn increases the likelihood of those viewers becoming loyal customers.

But how can you use perimeter advertising to meet objectives? A successful advert is needed to ensure that an achievable call to action reaches the brand’s target market, generating interaction and creating sales. Perimeter advertising boards are uniquely positioned to allow brands to achieve different or multiple objectives than ordinary advertising, while being consumer friendly.

Promote your website

Including your website in a perimeter advert is the ultimate way to sell any kind of product. Whether you’re looking to increase website traffic, raise brand awareness or sell to more clients online, the benefits of featuring your website in advertising are endless.

Promotional offers

Promotions and discounts showcased on perimeter boards are able to reach those watching the game easily and get them to act upon the call to action presented to them immediately. Many brands use call to actions to encourage sales during and after certain fixtures featuring their perimeter advertising, while also utilizing social channels to promote these offers simultaneously.

Social media platforms

Promoting social platforms through perimeter advertising is an incredible tool in increasing interaction. With 50% of those watching games at home following on social media at the same time, there is no better audience’s attention to capture than those watching football.

Hashtag promotion

The use of hashtags can form the foundation of a fully inclusive marketing campaign. Brands are able to push a particular service, product of campaign message with the use of hashtags, linking perimeter advertising to social and digital content while sparking conversation online.


Giving audiences the opportunity to win prizes not only creates engagement with brands but forms a positive image while introducing specific products to an enormous audience. Interaction works brilliantly, especially when brands use social platforms to approach competition entries which assist with growing their reach.

From pre-launch promotions, product placement, app promotion and fan interactions, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a perimeter advert that will capture the attention of football audiences. If you are a brand interested in perimeter advertising, make sure to get in touch at https://p11.tv/contact/