Tapping Into The Values Of Football

Tapping Into The Values Of Football

A key element to every sports brand is its core values. These are the principles that define the game and instil a culture and character to the sport and those associated with it.

When a company sponsors, advertisers, or otherwise associates themselves with a sport, the relevant core values are then extended to the company. In most cases, this is a hugely positive affiliation and allows the companies to attach key principles to their own brand image through the sport.

Football’s core values of leadership, sportsmanship, goal setting, teamwork, and competition easily align with desired business attributes. Just like a player in a football team, businesses and their employees look to lead by example, operate with integrity, and work as a team to achieve collective goals. Football gives brands a platform to effectively present these core values within their own brand image, therefore increasing their own perception and popularity.

What’s more, the fame and prestige of the big football leagues and clubs give a unique platform for brands to enhance their own reputation and position on the international stage. Many of the teams in the English and Spanish top divisions are known around the world and are considered the best in football. Brands seen with these clubs can benefit from not only their global reach, but their status as well.

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