How Can Football Advertising Improve Brand Awareness?

How Can Football Advertising Improve Brand Awareness?

One of the main priorities for marketing managers is to maintain and increase brand awareness. Companies who fail at effectively managing their brand reach and impact often lack credibility, have limited market share, and struggle to hit sales targets.

What’s more, with so much competition and so many marketing channels available, it can be difficult for brands to develop and implement effective campaigns.

Perimeter advertising at football matches can help for one simple reason, the world loves football. More people are playing, attending, and watching football matches than ever before, and football’s top leagues are broadcast across TV, mobile and the internet in over 200 territories, reaching billions around the world.

European football is especially popular and appeals to fans around the world. The top divisions in England and Spain are considered the big two European leagues and draw in unprecedented international audiences, which gives the clubs access to a huge and diverse audience. Advertising at matches in these leagues is a great way for brands to reach this massive audience, standing out from their competitors, and connecting with the prestige of elite sport.

In summary, advertising at major football events will expose your brand, product, or service to a large and targeted market, further increasing the awareness and success of your business. We specialise in offering rights in English and Spanish football, and deliver a platform of innovative perimeter advertising and exciting sponsorship opportunities, enabling brands around the world to connect with their audience.