Premier League Prepares For The Closest Relegation Battle In History

Premier League Prepares For The Closest Relegation Battle In History

As the Premier League season progresses, almost half of the league have a large-scale relegation battle on their hands. Fans are eagerly following the action as very few points separate the bottom 10, and teams go head-to-head to remain in the prestigious league into the 2018-19 season.


While the 40-point mark traditionally represents safety in the Premier League, it appears that more could be needed to guarantee teams’ safety this season. The average number of points to mark Premier League survival over the last 22 seasons has been 36.6, with all of the bottom 10 teams currently pushing to exceed this.

One win could now be the difference between relegation and remaining in the Premier League, as there is no room for error and teams’ fate not only depends on their own performances, but also on their rivals’ ability to find a consistent form.

Manchester City’s impeccable form has given them a comfortable 16-point gap at the top of the table, meanwhile the battle for the remaining top five places is just as competitive. Manchester United sit in second place, but each game could now define final league standings, as Spurs and Liverpool remain within one point of each other in third and fourth position.

With eight games remaining there is everything to play for, as the past five seasons have seen teams in the relegation zone at this point in the season survive.

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