La Liga Steps Up eSports Game

La Liga Steps Up eSports Game

La Liga has stepped further into the world of eSports as part of the league’s new ‘It is not football, it’s La Liga’ campaign.

Looking to capture the attention of younger generations and increase engagement, La Liga set out an objective to promote the brand to new audiences. Rolling out several ambitious initiatives, the values of hard work, competitiveness and teamwork will make regular appearances as La Liga increases its foothold in the world of eSports.

The launch of La Liga eSports is set to offer the gaming community numerous opportunities, with the league having previous experience of gaming through its work with EA Sports. In addition, La Liga already has more than 10 global game licences and three of its own games. Among these games is Head Soccer which has achieved more than 50 million downloads in three years and La Liga Fantasy MARCA, which boasts more than 200,000 daily users.

In 2017, it was reported that there were 191 million eSports fans around the world, with this figure expected to reach 286 million by 2020. Rolling out the first phase of La Liga’s eSports initiative in Spain, before expanding internationally will excite fans globally, as sports fans and technology lovers push for continuous growth in both markets.

Combining the enormous fan base of La Liga with eSports’ rapidly growing community, this new addition to La Liga’s offerings will no doubt prove a tremendous success.