Football Advertising Doesn’t Finish With Full Time!

Marketing strategies often rely on the use of traditional channels, but the drawback is that it can be expensive to cover all conventional channels, whereas sports advertising can reach across all platforms.

One of the big advantages to football advertising is the exposure the games receive. Unlike traditional marketing tactics which are communicated through one channel, sports advertising doesn’t stop at the final whistle. The added benefit isn’t just the millions of viewers who watch football each week, but the extra media attention each match receives.

Key moments are immediately shared on social media with thousands of fans engaging with clips, posts, and re-posts. There are football match highlights repeated on free to air and subscription TV channels, as well as matches receiving extensive news coverage and print and web outlets using images from the matches.  Every time the games are shared across all platforms, your brand will be seen, further increasing the effectiveness of the campaign.

You can become immortalised in football history. Brands that are fortunate can be captured during an unforgettable moment of a match, and whether it’s a last-minute goal or a controversial incident, this will work as advertising for years to come. These images and clips are viewed and replayed endless times over the years, becoming a permanent fixture in this moment of the history. These moments are immeasurable and have a lasting effect on your brand.

These are key takeaways that increase the value of sports advertising and are often not thought about. At Project11, we offer unrivalled access to advertising opportunities at the world’s top sporting events. We are best known for our rights in UK and Spanish football, and deliver a platform of innovative perimeter LED advertising and exciting sponsorship and partner opportunities, enabling brands around the world to connect with their audience.

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Written by: Project11 Marketing team