Barcelona‘s Almost Unbeaten Season

Barcelona‘s Almost Unbeaten Season

Barcelona were defeated on the edge of becoming the first La Liga team in history to go an entire season unbeaten since 1932; an achievement now far more impressive, as a campaign lasted only 18 games when Madrid previously managed the feat.

The highly anticipated 238th El Clasico proved no match for the La Liga champions this season, ending in a 2-2 draw as the two European giants went head to head at the Nou Camp.

Two of the most recognised names in the world, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo demonstrated exactly why they are so respected, each scoring in the high-profile fixture alongside goals from Suarez and Bale.

Project11 were lucky enough to attend the game which saw four goals, a sending off and the celebration of FC Barcelona winning the league… nothing short of the perfect El Clasico!

All eyes turned to FC Barcelona’s final two games of the 2018/19 season; against Levante and Real Sociedad as the most difficult fixture had proven no match for Barça.

To viewers’ surprise, Levante managed to establish a 5-1 lead against the La Liga champions, before Barcelona managed to pull it back to 5-4… failing to equalise before the full-time whistle and taking their first loss of their 2018/19 campaign.

What seemed an impossible feat at the beginning of the season slipped out of reach for Barcelona, with no Messi in the squad as their unbeaten run came to a halt.

Taking on Real Sociedad in the last game of the La Liga season, Barcelona went on to win 1-0, remaining unbeaten in 37 of the season’s 38 fixtures, and having surpassed Real Sociedad’s record of 38 consecutive matches without defeat back in April.

With all eyes on the La Liga stars as they head to the World Cup… could they return to Barcelona to go unbeaten next season? Stay tuned.