Top Five Sports Marketing Trends Of 2017

In a year packed full of sports marketing news, the Project11 office voted on their favourite topics of 2017, and here they are:

1. Sport Takes To Video Streaming

2017 saw live streaming used on a large scale, creating content which brought fans closer to the action of their favourite sports teams than ever before. EPL giants Manchester City sealed a deal worth more than £10million with Amazon Prime, growing fan engagement through the introduction of a behind-the-scenes documentary, set for release mid-2018. Juventus also signed a four-part documentary with Netflix, which is expected to air in early 2018.

2. eSports Continues Football Takeover

There is no denying the fact that eSports took off in 2017. Both Manchester City and West Ham United hit the headlines for signing FIFA players, while Valencia, Schalke, PSG and FC Copenhagen also entered the rapidly expanding market, either signing players or League of Legends teams. It is thought that Tottenham Hotspur’s new ground could also become host to international eSports gaming events as the phenomenon continues to pick up pace. Since 2016, more than 600 eSports sponsorship agreements have been signed.

3.  Coca-Cola Sign Virtual Athlete In FIFA 18

Coca-Cola signed a revolutionary endorsement deal with FIFA 18 character, Alex Hunter. Signing a deal with the virtual athlete in the game, the global soft drinks company benefitted from enormous exposure, able to control the script which heavily included Coca-Cola in the storyline, while ensuring that they were happy with every aspect of the endorsement deal.

4, Shirt Sleeve Sponsorship Kicks Off

Shirt sleeve sponsorship became an additional source of revenue for EPL clubs this year, with Manchester City announcing Korean tyre manufacturers Nexen Tire Corp as the EPL’s first shirt sleeve partner. Valued at 20% of each club’s standard, front of shirt sponsorship cost, the new advertising space has already been used by many of the world’s best-known brands from a number of industries.

5. Crossovers In Sport

Two big names in sport hit the headlines in 2017 as they announced they would be crossing over to try their hand at boxing. Former Manchester United legend and TV pundit, Rio Ferdinand, announced that he would be joining forces with Betfair and Richie Woodhall to begin his boxing career. UFC’s reigning lightweight champion, biggest star and former featherweight champion, Conor McGregor, also turned to boxing, taking on an unbeaten Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather. Viewership reached an all-time high as pay per view servers crashed, unable to keep up with the spike in demand. Mayweather gained a record-breaking 50th career victory as a technical knockout was given in the 10th round.

What are your top five sports marketing trends of 2017? Let us know @Project11sports and stay tuned for the next blog on the top five Project11 moments of 2017!